Special Issue on Spherical Tokamak (ST Workshop 2004)
by The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

On the occasion of the 10th International Spherical Tokamak Workshop (STW2004, September 29, 30 and October 1, Kyoto, Japan), The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ) has agreed to publish "Special Issue on

Spherical Tokamak (ST Workshop 2004, Kyoto)" in IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials, Vol. 125, No 11, 2005. The issue aims at summarizing the most recent research progresses in order to encourage a worldwide effort to realize an advanced fusion reactor based on the ST concept. Submissions of papers not presented at STW2004 are also encouraged.

Papers on the following topics will be considered for publication in the special issue, following the usual peer-review process

A. Experiments in
A.1 Center Solenoid-free initiation and ramp-up of plasma current
A.2 Equilibrium and stability
A.3 Confinement, transport and turbulence
A.4 Heating and current drive
A.5 Boundary physics
A.6 Operation scenarios for sustained high performance plasmas
B. Theoretical and computer modeling on these topics (B1 - B6)
C. Plasma diagnostics
D. Technology development
E. Upcoming research plans
F. Concepts and issues for future experiments
G. Fusion devices

The deadline for submission is January 5, 2005,
and the special issue will be published in December 2005.

Submission Procedure for the Special Issue in IEEJ Transactions
(Guest Editor: Prof. Yoshio Nagayama, National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan)

Four documents are needed for submission. They are
1. Paper Text (less than 6 pages is recommended. However, additional 8 pages to 6pages is allowable.),
2. Extended Summary (one page),
3. IEEJ Submission Form,
4. Copyright Transfer.

Their Formats are available from here. (Guideline_for_IEEJ.pdf).
Especially you need to send “one page” Extended Summary in addition to Paper Text.
You are requested to make Paper Text and Extended Summary in pdf file by LaTeX or by MS-Word.
(Please keep the LaTeX files or MS-Word files since they are requested for making print format for IEEJ Transactions when your paper is accepted for publication after reviewing your paper by two referees.)

Please send these pdf files (1. Paper Text and 2. Extended Summary) via e-mail and also send the hard papers (3. IEEJ Submission Form and 4. Copyright Transfer) via mail (not e-mail) to
Prof. Takashi MAEKAWA
Graduate School of Energy Science
Kyoto University
Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto 606-8502,Japan

After the above actions, you will receive the responses of referees and the guidance for your paper from the guest editor (Prof. Nagayama).